Coach in VET


Coaching in vocational education and training (VET) is becoming more and more important. It is a flexible and yet specifically applicable tool, which arouses interest and receives appreciation. As such it has replaced counselling for learners in VET on a large scale. Coaching represents an offer which serves to canvass new target groups. Furthermore, it has become a tool for the self-reflection of management boards in the system of VET. It meets employed people's and members' of organisations' common needs when it comes to the question how life and work should be organised. Many teachers in VET are not yet prepared to live up to the role of vocational education pedagogue. The personnel in vocational education needs to be professionalized.

There is a growing demand for coaching in terms of counselling aimed at the professionalisation of executives in VET. Executives in VET need coaching: the humanist holding a doctorate is no longer in demand, the people sought after now are VET managers. Coaching can facilitate the fit between the individual and the organisation. It helps executives to work on the improvement of their skills as far as their function, the context of their work, and processes of their core business are concerned. On the other hand, there is a growing need for coaching offers aimed at customers in VET.

The demand for learner counselling is decreasing; coaching has superseded offers consisting of mere accompanying support for the counselled customer and it is currently replacing offers of continuing education (CE). Training related to e.g. time management, communication, conflict coping, and other soft skills is no longer carried out in terms of courses or workshops. Instead individual or group coaching is being offered. The project "Coach in VET" intends to develop guidelines for the tool coaching in VET and make them accessible to the systems in the partner countries.

Thirteen European organisations cooperate with the respective national networks in order to create a web-based tool for the knowledge management device Coach in VET. This tool, available for download or on CD, will enable VET managers, practitioners, and professionals to optimise their own professional development and their learners' individual professional skills in a quicker and more satisfying manner.